Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is a drug and surgery free modality of treatment concerned with the diagnosis, management and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system (spine); Chiropractors practice under the consensus that there is a significant interrelationship between the spine and the nervous system.

The Chiropractic Concept


Chiropractic is the science and healing art of correcting and restoring joint mobility.

Chiropractic care ensures that the spine works properly to maximize normal nerve flow and minimize pressure on the nervous system from stress and postural strain or injury, leading to pain, dysfunction, and decreased quality of life.

Achieved by hand through gentle specific spinal manipulations in the form of high velocity, low impact thrusts.
Chiropractic care aims to relieve pain, promote healing, restore and maintain function, reduce the likelihood of re-injury, restore proper motion, and prevent accelerated degenerative spine disease.

Chiropractic is not just about relieving pain; it’s about enhancing even the seemingly healthy person’s function, performance, and quality of life.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Healthcare

Comprehensive chiropractic healthcare goes much further. It all comes back to wellness, defined as not simply the absence of sickness. Wellness suggests a proactive lifestyle approach, which results in optimal physical, emotional, and social well-being. This involves learning how to get healthy and stay healthy by practicing positive health habits and giving up harmful ones. To do this, we teach people to listen and respond to their bodies warning signals before illness interrupts life’s activities. The chiropractor’s role is to facilitate and increase the potential for health so we can live life to its fullest.

What to expect after treatment

Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness or aching, just as they do after some forms of exercise. Current literature shows that minor discomfort or soreness following spinal manipulation typically fades within 24 hours.

After a pain-relief phase, and concurrently during treatment, rehab is used to help you get back to functioning optimally, with recommended stretches, strength-building exercises and activities to be performed at home.

The recommended stretches and exercises will complement and improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

Meet our Chiropractor

Mickael Malle
15 years experience

Born in Normandie, France, from age of 19 until 26, Mickael devoted himself fully in the pursuit of professional cycling. He was a member of France’s National Road Cycling team in the youth category and become a professional after obtaining his baccalaureate. Through his period of time he participated in international races around the world and was the champion in overall ranking of the Madagascar and Mauritius Tours.

As a professional cyclist, Mickael realized it was a critical to receive good treatment for sports injuries, and was particularly grateful for the support of his chiropractor throughout his practices and competition. It spurred the interest and desire in him to be able to do the same for people suffering from pain and set him ambition towards being a chiropratic doctor. Thereafter, Mickael graduated from Franco- European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC) in Paris.

Upon obtaining his diploma, he worked in France and in Vietnam (American Chiropratic Clinic) serving athletes, children adults and seniors.

The experience of his past cycling career is a distinct advantage for Mickael in treating pains and injuries with a deep understanding from the perspective of athletes. For him, the most gratifying rewards in his practice.

He has a holistic approach to optimize the wellbeing of his patients. He uses different techniques that adopt to everyone.

Mickael loves travelling and discovering new cultures. During his free time he likes to practice different sports.


Mickael Malle

Athraa KhamisAthraa Khamis
18:52 15 Oct 23
Best Rehab center in town with top-notch professionals!Before coming to Shereen I was lost in pain for more than 2 years! Shes very knowledgeable, patient and truly takes the time to explain the case and what’s happening to your body. I had to see Dr Mika as well and he's just amazing.Both helped and supported my very long healing journey and getting to the end its line, I’m blessed to come across them as I have seen lot of other physiotherapists before and none have gave the amount of relief and comfort Shereen and Dr Mika provided.Highly recommend! You will truly feel the difference after the first visit
Martin KruczinnaMartin Kruczinna
04:47 11 Sep 23
Shereen isn‘t just a wizard at healing people. What sets her apart is how much she cares about the individual, going above and beyond to ensure endurance athletes can get back to pursue their training plans and dreams. Highly recommended.
11:53 05 Sep 23
I recently had the pleasure of receiving treatment from Shereen at PhysioFit, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible care I received.After suffering from persistent headaches for months, I was beginning to lose hope of finding relief. However, after just a few sessions with Shereen, my headaches are no longer occurring and have been cured.Thank you so much!
11:31 05 Sep 23
Truly works wonders!
01:25 14 Aug 23
Physiofit is the only place in Dubai that knows how to treat injuries, aches and pains. After years of trying different physiotherapists and osteopaths to help me with chronic back pain, knee injury and neck pain, I finally found Shereen. Not only did she fix my back but also got me moving and helped me by fixing the knee pain. Thanks to her I am now able to work out in the gym and have even lost weight. Her dry needling skills and her ability to treat pain is simply outstanding. Big thank you to the Physiofit team; especially Shereen Hassam!
Fadwa BenmbarekFadwa Benmbarek
08:17 26 Jun 23
Shereen is hands down the best physiotherapist. She helped alleviate pain I had for over a year in my neck, shoulder and back due to a car accident injury. My range of movement is restored. She also treats her clients with compassion and take the time to explain how the treatment works. She has blessed hands.
Nicolas le RouxNicolas le Roux
03:58 14 Jun 23
I have been a patient of PhysioFit for more than a year. I have incredible aspirations of long distance running and have subsequently had two meniscus repairs. I consulted with Shereen and she completely understand a runners mindset. Shereen is one of the best medical precessional I have ever consulted. She has extensive experience and her dry needling speciality is unbeatable. She got me running again (after many doubted my quick return) and I did an Ultra marathon in less than 3 months after surgery. This year with a few maintenance appointments I ran my fastest time in 10 years. She is caring and treat only what is needed. This is owner managed practice which means there is love for human well being because there is skin in the game. Shereen is lots of skin in this game. I would recommend her a million times over.
Hector ChanHector Chan
05:33 02 Jun 23
Shereen is an amazing physio. Thanks to her treatment I was able to recover on time from an injury to run the Dubai marathon in 3h. Also, she helps me maintain my legs in shape for all the heavy training load I put my body through. Thank you Shereen!
Adrien ValckeAdrien Valcke
10:20 20 Jun 22
Great clinic, kind staff, good energy with an amazing view. I’m seeing Dr Mika for chiropractic sessions since months and it’s getting better and better. He really masters what he’s doing, makes the effort to listen and understand your trauma and is very kind. Didn’t try physiotherapy at the moment but can’t wait to do some sessions. I recommend going there.
donagh houlihandonagh houlihan
05:49 03 Jun 22
Shereen is highly professional, very experienced and was very kind to provide after treatment advice once I left Dubai. She help me correct a severe lateral shift, which is very difficult to do, and requires particular skill with dry needling in a delicate area of the lower back. I highly recommend her services.
I have been to many physiotherapist around all the Uae and haven’t felt a difference after the sessions, I have almost done 20-30 session of physiotherapy with other doctors , all of the sessions combined isn’t even close with one session of Dr Shereen , I have done 5 sessions with Dr Shereen and every time I am done with one session I feel better almost instantly. On top of all of that Dr Shereen is one of the kindest Doctor I have ever met, I highly recommend physio fit Because amount of experience in the therapy and amount of kindness.I have been lifting weight during that time of therapy and still do, i didn’t have lot of restrictions from any exercises, Dr Shereen made me continue fitness life as normal and improved my lower back pain.
Gibbon HumanGibbon Human
07:54 06 Apr 22
Strongly recommend PhysioFit, Shereen is amazing, very experienced and Knowledgeable about very injury i have ever brought to her. Always going the extra mile to get you back in action. Shereen is in my opinion the best dry needling expert in Dubai.
Omri OrionOmri Orion
13:58 01 Apr 22
I came to Shereen with severe pain under my shoulder blade that I've been carrying around for three years. After 8 sessions the pain is completely gone. My range of motion is fully restored and my gym workouts and day to day life has never been better. Shereen is super talented and attentive, and has been of great help to me. Thank you

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